2023 California Almond Conference

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As the leading agriculture real estate brokerage in the Central Valley, Pearson Realty will be participating in the annual California Almond State of the Industry conference. This year we will be discussing where the future of the Almond Industry is headed and address the challenges faced by the almond industry in the current economic climate, characterized by oversupply, increased production costs, and low pricing. Attendees will be highlighting the impact of changing consumer behavior, particularly in the context of the post-pandemic world, where remote work has influenced snacking choices. Despite these challenges, the Almond Board of California will outline its efforts to adapt to the changing market, including a Deloitte-led market development analysis, promotional campaigns in different regions, and partnerships to communicate the industry's environmental and efficiency efforts, along with recent successes such as the resolution of trade issues with India and ongoing efforts to address potential EU port inspections.

Pearson Realty is excited to be part of the annual Almond conference, contributing to important discussions and staying at the forefront of industry trends. As we navigate changes and seize opportunities, our commitment to providing the best services to our clients in agriculture.