588.73 acs. Herndon Ave. Almonds & Future Development


Fresno, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 588.73±
Price Per Acre: $47,500


588.73± acre opportunity for future development. The property is located outside the border of the Fresno Sphere of Influence and Fresno City Limits (see planning map on page 10 of the property brochure).


Heading south on Highway 99, the property is located off W. Herndon Avenue and N. Chateau Fresno Avenue, in the city of Fresno, 93723.


504-020-28, 30, 49s, 60, 61s, 62s & 64s, 504-040-04s, 505-030-14, 016-440-15 and 016-460-42.


The property is within and receives water from Fresno Irrigation District. There are seven active agriculture pumps/wells: (2) 20 HP; (1) 100 HP; (1) 25 HP & (2) 75 HP, (1) submersible pump and five domestic wells.


ARE-20 (Agricultural, Rural, Exclusive, 20 acre minimum). 393.55± acs. are not in the Williamson Act. 195.18± acs. are in the Williamson Act.

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