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9.12 acs. Terra Bella Open Land

$120,000Sale Pending

Available for sale is a 9.12± acre parcel located in Terra Bella, California. The property was previously farmed to citrus and is within Terra Bella Irrigation District.

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9.63 acs. Liz Ranch


Available for sale is a 9.63± acre mature navel ranch located west of Orange Cove. The property features mature, organic navel oranges, district water from Orange Cove Irrigation District (O.C.I.D.) and one wind machine.

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13.68 acs. Fresno Packing & Cold Storage Facility

$3,700,000Sale Pending

A packing/cold storage plant located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley suitable for packing or processing vegetables, fresh fruit or nut crops. The property is in Fresno County’s southeast growth area (SEGA), located within the City’s Sphere of Influence. The 13.68± acres of land will provide additional room for building expansion.

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