40.01 acs. Madera Co. Pistachios


Madera, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 40.01±
Price Per Acre: $14,996


40.01 acres of Kerman/Peters pistachios on Atlantica Rootstock.


Located on the north side of Avenue 20 just east of Road 26.




Property is irrigated by a dual line drip system pressurized by the Madera Water District. This parcel is subordinate to the Madera Irrigation District, which means when water is available in M.I.D. the property is allowed to purchase water. An additional source of surface water on the east side of the water district (called Madera Lake Project) is currently being worked on with an anticipated completion date of 2025. It will provide water to subordinate parcels when additional water is available for sale. It consists of a pipeline and pump system to move surface water from Madera Lake (M.I.D.) to Madera Water District. The district has received grant money to help fund the project. For more information: Madera Water District Groundwater Sustanability Agency Carl Johnson, President ; John Gies, Madera Water District Manager 559-674-4944


AE-Agricultural Exclusive

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