513.19 acs. Efird Liberty Ranch


Conejo, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 513.19±
Price Per Acre: $21,521


The 513.19± acre Efird Liberty Ranch consists of a diversified offering of tree nut orchards and row crop land. Plantings include a 160± acre 2nd and 3rd leaf pistachio orchard with two (2) sources of water, 192± of almonds planted between 2007-2019, 79± of walnuts planted in 2014 and 78± acres of irrigated row crop land currently planted to wheat. The ranch is divided into the Liberty North Ranch - 274.29± acres consisting of almonds, walnuts and row crop land located on the north side of Elkhorn Avenue, and the Liberty South Ranch - 238.90± acres consisting of 77± acres located on the north side of Elkhorn Avenue and 160± acres located on the south side of Elkhorn Avenue. The individual ranches have been well maintained and include 2 owned solar systems to offset pumping costs. In addition to the 5 wells, the pistachios orchard receives surface water from the Liberty Canal Company with 1/4 share of Liberty Canal Co. stock included with the sale.


The property lies on the north and south side of E. Elkhorn Avenue west of S. Cedar Avenue, ½ mile east of Highway 41, 6 miles southeast of Caruthers, and 15 miles south of Fresno. Physical address: 16007 S. Cedar Avenue, Fresno, CA 93725.


042-043-19s, 26, 27, 45s and 58 and 055-060-01s and 02s


The ranches are in Liberty Water District, part of the North Fork Kings GSA. APN’s 055-060-01s and 02s have a 1/4 share of Liberty Canal Co. stock and are able to receive surface water from the adjacent Liberty Canal. Irrigation water is supplied by 5 ag pumps and wells with 5 filter stations. The pistachio orchard has a dual line drip irrigation system supplied by a filtration system from both ground and surface water. The almond orchards are irrigated by dual line drip irrigation system. The 10 year old walnut orchard is irrigated with micro sprinklers. The row crop land, currently planted to winter wheat, is flood irrigated. Concrete pipelines are interconnected throughout both the North and South Ranches. The PVC pressure system is interconnected in the Liberty North Ranches and interconnected separately in the Liberty South Ranches.


AE-20, Agricultural Exclusive - 20 acres. The parcels are enrolled in the Williamson Act.

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