636.4 acs. Riverdale Almonds & Vineyard


Riverdale, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 636.4±
Price Per Acre: $13,697


Planted to a variety of almonds and a vineyard, this 636.40± acre ranch is located within Fresno County. The majority of the almonds have been planted within 10-15 years. There is a total of four (4) ag pumps and wells. It is located within the Raisin City Water District but does not receive surface water. Excellent opportunity to acquire producing almonds and a vineyard located close to the Fresno area.


Southwest corner of Kamm Avenue and Westlawn Avenue approximately 8 miles northwest of Riverdale, CA. Property address: 9495 W. Kamm Avenue, Riverdale, CA 93656.




Raisin City Water District (no surface water) Ag pumps and wells: (1) 150 HP pump and well; (2) 125 HP pump and well; (1) 50 HP pump and well. 320± acres almonds flood irrigated. 120± acres drip irrigation with filter station. (See map on page 4 of brochure)


A-1 (Light Agricultural)

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