438.5 acs. Orange Cove Citrus


Orange Cove, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 438.5±
Price Per Acre: $29,361


A premium investment opportunity located in a desirable citrus growing region on the east side of the Central San Joaquin Valley. The 438.50± acres includes 410.05± net acres of producing citrus situated on 7 separate ranches. A list of the ranches is as follows: Canal Ranch - 83.18± assessed acres Cove Ranch - 20.01± assessed acres Lincoln Ranch - 58.65± assessed acres Anchor Ranch - 39.09± assessed acres Road 128 Ranch - 40.00± assessed acs Hills Valley Ranch-54.04± assessed acs Manning Ranch - 43.53± assessed acs


Five of the seven ranches are located within a 1± mile radius around the City of Orange Cove. The remaining two ranches are located north of American Avenue on the east and west sides of Cove Avenue, approximately 3.5± miles north of Orange Cove.


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The properties have both irrigation pumps and wells and Class I surface water entitlement from Orange Cove Irrigation District. There are 14 irrigation pumps & wells with additional booster pumps and filters. Water is distributed throughout the orchards by flood and/or an extensive mini-sprinkler irrigation system.

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