438.5 acs. Orange Cove Citrus


Orange Cove, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 438.5±
Price Per Acre: $29,361


A premium investment opportunity located in a desirable citrus growing region on the east side of the Central San Joaquin Valley. The 438.50± acres includes 410.05± net acres of producing citrus situated on 7 separate ranches. A list of the ranches is as follows: Canal Ranch - 83.18± assessed acres Cove Ranch - 20.01± assessed acres Lincoln Ranch - 58.65± assessed acres Anchor Ranch - 39.09± assessed acres Road 128 Ranch - 40.00± assessed acs Hills Valley Ranch-54.04± assessed acs Manning Ranch - 43.53± assessed acs


Five of the seven ranches are located within a 1± mile radius around the City of Orange Cove. The remaining two ranches are located north of American Avenue on the east and west sides of Cove Avenue, approximately 3.5± miles north of Orange Cove.


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The properties have both irrigation pumps and wells and Class I surface water entitlement from Orange Cove Irrigation District. There are 14 irrigation pumps & wells with additional booster pumps and filters. Water is distributed throughout the orchards by flood and/or an extensive mini-sprinkler irrigation system.


58.65 Acs. Lincoln Ranch, 54.04 Acs. Hills Valley Ranch, 39.09 Acs. Anchor Ranch, 40.00 Road 128 Ranch are in escrow. 143.53 Acs. Manning Ranch is sold. Call listing agent for availability of ranches (Dan Kevorkian 559-905-8073)

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