721.48 acs. Berenda CWD Ranches


Chowchilla, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 721.48±
Price Per Acre: $18,831


The Berenda Ranches consist of three contiguous ranches, the North (280± acres), East (123± acres), and South (318.48± acres) Ranch totaling 721.48± acres. Both the North and South Ranches have permanent plantings and the East Ranch is predominantly open land.


The North and East Ranches are located on the north side of Avenue 26, between Road 26 and Santa Fe Drive. The South Ranch is located on the SEC of Avenue 26 and Road 20. Property Address: 20481 Avenue 26, Chowchilla, CA 93610


030-161-001, 030-111-009, 030-111-010 & 030-112-005 (Subject to change)


The 280± acre North Ranch is in and receives water from Chowchilla Water District. The North Ranch also has Riparian Rights out of Berenda Slough. The entire ranch is irrigated by dual line drip or microsprinklers. The East and South Ranch are located in the Madera County GSA and do not receive surface water. There are 7 operating deep wells on the entire property ranging from 100-200 HP. The North Ranch has one new 200 HP well, an existing 200 HP, and a 100 HP well. The South Ranch has two 200 HP wells and a 100 HP well. The East Ranch has one 100 HP pump/well. All the wells, ranches and three reservoirs are inter-connected.


Zone AE (Agricultural Exclusive) The property is not located within the Williamson Act.

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