527.83 acs. Del Puerto W. D. Grazing Land


Newman, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 527.83±
Price Per Acre: $3,789


Here is an opportunity to purchase 527.83± acres of grazing land off of Interstate 5. All 3 parcels have fencing along the borders which is in adequate condition. The property includes 356± irrigatable acres within Del Puerto Water District and potentially suitable for permanent plantings.


The property is located roughly 11± miles southwest of Newman, CA right off Interstate 5. One parcel is between the California Aqueduct and Interstate 5 and the other two are located on the east side between Interstate 5 and the Delta Mendota Canal. The western parcel can be accessed by taking Sullivan Rd and then driving along the California Aqueduct. The eastern parcels can be accessed by taking Sullivan Rd and driving along the Delta Mendota Canal. The properties are connected via a private road that goes underneath Interstate 5.


026-024-016, 026-024-024, 026-024-033


356± of the 527.83± acres are within Del Puerto Water District and are entitled to receive water. There is a turnout on the northeastern block that would be able to pull Del Puerto water, but the condition of the underground infrastructure is unknown. There is one windmill powered well used for cattle troughs; one on the western and one on the northeastern block.


The property is located within the Williamson Act.

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