376.53 acs. C. C. I. D. Open


Oxalis, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 376.53±
Price Per Acre: $23,000


Open land farmed to irrigated field crops.


Approximately 1/4 mile west of Fairfax Avenue, lying in Camp 13 between the C.C.I.D. Outside and Main Canals. Situated 5± miles south of the city of Dos Palos.


006-090-22, 24 & 07and 006-020-17 & 18


C.C.I.D. maintains two tile drain pumps that discharge water into the Outside Canal that is collected from a C.C.I.D. interceptor along the south boundary of the property. The interceptor line is reportedly installed at a depth of 7-8 feet.


The seller has historically pumped irrigation drainwater into the C.C.I.D. Main Canal for a credit on district surface water.

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