472.91 acs. Madera Almonds, Homes & Shops


Madera, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 472.91±
Price Per Acre: $32,000


A great opportunity to acquire a large contiguous block of almonds located in a prime nut growing region of Madera County. The almond orchard was planted from 2007- 2015 with irrigation water provided by 6 pumps & wells and distributed to each block by an extensive and efficient micro-sprinkler irrigation system. The farming operation is supported by three large metal shop building. Situated in the heart of the ranch is a beautiful executive style residence with approximately 8,600± SF, also included are two nice ranch style houses for family or employees.


The north and south sides of Avenue 10, ¼ mile east of Road 33 ½ in Madera County. The Property is situated 4 ½ miles southeast of the city of Madera.


047-351-018, 009; 047-350-022; 047-271-003, 004.


The orchard is irrigated by 6 irrigation pumps & wells and filtration stations, which can irrigate any / all the 6 orchard blocks. Each well is connected by a 15” PUC mainline, with a recovery system back to block / pump 1. The electric pumps and wells are USD, with Water Changers water treatment systems.

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