602.55 acs. Pond Ranch Section 1


Pond, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 602.55±
Price Per Acre: $8,900


Available for sale is a mature wine vineyard planted to Chardonnay vines. The property consists of approximately 602.55± acres with 602.22± acres planted. The property receives irrigation water from Semitropic contract and noncontract surface water, and well water through shared wells owned by Semitropic Water district.


Section 1 of The Pond Ranch is located on the southwest corner of Highway 43 and Peterson Road. The property is approximately 9.5± miles southwest of Delano, California in Kern County.


Kern County APNs: 059-210-57 & 059-210-55.


The Pond Ranch receives irrigation water from two sources: (1) Semitropic Water Storage District surface water deliveries via turnouts and (2) on-site agricultural wells. Pond Ranch LLC has four well share agreements in place with Semitropic Water District. Each section available for sale will be granted equal water rights and allocation from Semitropic Water District and the four shared wells. This is to be determined and agreed upon in escrow. Section 1 Ranch has three turnouts for Semitropic contract water, two operational Ag wells, and two nonoperational wells located on the property. Well Information: Well Type Status Motor HP Electric (Shared) - Operational US Motors-Titan II 300± None Non-Operational NA NA Natural Gas Operational Unknown Unknown Natural Gas Non-Operational Unknown NA *The property also has a booster pump with sand media filter station.


Zoned AE-20. The entire property is enrolled in the Williamson Act Contract.

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