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238.19 acs. Cantua Creek Pistachios


Cantua Creek, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 238.19±
Price Per Acre: $37,050


The ranch is approximately 96% planted to 2007 pistachios (budded summer 2008). The female trees are Pete-1 variety on UCB-1 rootstock and planted north/south rows at 19’ x 17’ spacing. Pete-1 is a specialty variety known for its large size and high fat content. The male pollinators are 50% Peters and 50% Chico planted every 5th tree on every 5th row (5% male to female ratio).


The ranch is on the south side of Mountain View, just ½ mile west of San Mateo and 3 miles east of HWY 33 in Cantua Creek.




The property is within, receives, and utilizes Westlands WD surface water supply. (See included Westlands Water District Information.) In addition, the owner drilled a new 1,220 ft well with an 18” casing in 2016. The most recent pump test showed 1,800 GPM production. A diesel motor runs the 600 HP pump, which feeds water to the ranch through six sand media filters to in-line dual hose drip in the field.


AE-20 - Agricultural Exclusive, 20 acre minimum parcel size


Shown by appointment only.

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