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3,779.6 acs. R. A. Sano Farms


Firebaugh, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 3779.6±
Price Per Acre: $14,304


The subject property is an irregular shaped property consisting of 3,779.60± assessed acres. It is planted to 313.69± net acres of pistachio orchards and 909.53± net acres of almond orchards. The balance is planted to row crops. The property has three different solar facilities. All the facilities are leased for ten years and there is a purchase option for each facility at the end of ten years.


The subject property is an irregular shaped property consisting of 3,779.60± assessed acres located on the south side of Shields Avenue two miles east of the intersection of Shields Avenue and Russell Avenue. The property continues south three and one-half miles down West Brannon Avenue. There is a small 40.00± acre parcel south of the southwest corner of the main property on the south side of the California Aqueduct and a larger separate 157.18± acre parcel located one half mile west of the intersection of West Brannon Avenue and West North Avenue, approximately eleven miles west of Mendota, Fresno County, California.


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The property has access to 2 sources of water through 8 irrigation wells and surface water provided by the Westlands Water District. There are 8 irrigation wells, 26 booster pumps, and 3 sump return pumps on the property. The wells have total production of 18,710± gallons per minute. The well water is pumped directly to the 2 manifolds that distribute the water throughout the entire ranch via underground pipeline. The purpose of the 2 manifolds is to deliver the water where needed, and blend the well water with the surface water. The almond orchards are all irrigated with a double line drip irrigation system. The younger Block 7 Golden Hills pistachios are irrigated with a single line drip irrigation system and the older with a double line drip irrigation system. The wells and the district turnouts are all connected, and water can be moved anywhere on the entire property.


AE -20” – Exclusive Agriculture, according to the Fresno County Planning Department.


R. A. Sano Farms leasehold property consists of 555.76 assessed acres of almond orchard and irrigated row crop farmland located in Fresno County, California. The property is leased by R. A. Sano Farms, who owns the adjoining 3,779.60± acres. Whoever buys the Sano property will also buy the leasehold interest in the subject property and will be able to use the water from the wells on the leased acreage.

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