285.72 acs. Herndon Ave. Future Development


Fresno, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 285.72±
Price Per Acre: $55,065


285.72± acre opportunity for future development. The property is located outside the border of the Fresno Sphere of Influence and Fresno City Limits (see planning map on page 7 in brochure).


Heading south on Highway 99, the property is located off W. Herndon Avenue and N. Chateau Fresno Avenue, in the city of Fresno, 93723.


504-020-64s, 504-020-49s, 504-020-61s, 504-040-04s, 504-020-60 & 504-020-30


The property is within and receives water from Fresno Irrigation District. There are three active agriculture pumps/wells (25 HP, 75 HP, & 75 HP) and one domestic well.


Zoned AE-20 (Exclusive Agricultural Zone, 20 Acres) The property is NOT in the Williamson Act.

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